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Snyder County



In-Home FICS accepts both referrals from Children and Youth Services, and the Juvenile Probation Office with the main objective to preserve families and to avoid out-of-home placement.  Primarily, FICS Family Preservation staff focus on services in each family’s home which includes providing services in the home to teach practical skills in the setting that they will be used, emphasizing skill building via therapeutic insight, and emphasizing delivery of concrete services.

FICS Family Preservation counselors base their work on the individual needs of each family.  Therefore services typically include but are not limited to individual, family, and marital sessions.  Empowering the family as a unit is a main goal for all families we provide services to.

Snyder County Family Reunification Program

The Snyder County Family Reunification Program exists to help each child achieve and maintain a permanent placement plan in a timely manner.  The purpose of the program is to focus on the strengths and needs of each child and family, while using a variety of efficient, time-limited, goal-oriented services and supports to determine the optimal level of reconnection that is appropriate.

Family reunification services are provided in Snyder County through the cooperation of: Snyder County Children and Youth Services (CYS) and the Family Intervention Crisis Services (FICS).  A close working relationship among all practitioners is an essential part of the program.  Monthly meetings of CYS/JPO staff and provider staff from FICS and quarterly meetings of program supervisors and administrators are held to keep everyone familiar with case and program developments.  Documentation includes service planning, monthly progress reports, visitation plans and visit summaries.

Family reunification is a service that treats the whole family as the client.  The concern is more with strengthening relationships, communications, family functioning, etc., then treating individuals.  Family members should want to be reunited and to work for their own growth.  To support them, the family becomes part of a team, which includes agency personnel, all working together for a common purpose.


The Independent Living (IL) Program services administered by Wardell and Associates are contracted by Snyder County Children and Youth Services and Juvenile Probation.  The purpose of this program is to prepare youth for the eventual transition to independence.  This program is not designed to remove youth from their homes and set them up in their own homes.  Rather, it is to teach youth the basic skills they need now, as well as what they need once they achieve independence.

The IL Program is considered voluntary for youth ages 14-23.   Once agreeing to be in the program, there are expectations that need to be followed in order to remain.  They need to be on time to meet with their IL Counselor for their scheduled appointments.  Assignments need to be worked on regularly.  It is taken into consideration when the youth is working, involved in after school activities, etc. as long as they are focusing part of their time weekly toward the program.  Respect toward staff and any youth in the program and responsibility for themselves (scheduling appointments, behaviors, school, etc.) are significant requirements for the program.  These are considered to be vital factors in developing appropriate skills and behaviors in “growing up” successfully and gaining independence.  Youth may choose to discontinue their participation in the program or services may be ended for youth who are not adequately participating in the program, however they are eligible to re-open for services until the age of 23.

Snyder Office : 
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Lindsay Zevan   Program Director 
Sarah Alexander Family Counselor
Stacey French Family Counselor
Kim Kiefer Parent Eduator/IL Counselor
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